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PLUG & PLAY Shots Butt Plug Basic Black 12,7cm

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Exploring anal sex is often a step taken by couples who are fully comfortable with each other and who want to spice things up. However, it can be intimidating, especially for Mister. So, I recommend this small, reliable, high quality butt plug. You don't want to start with an anal monster and scare your man away!

It comes with a strong and secure suction cup, so you can stick this baby on any flat surface and tell your other half to sit on it! This also means that the suction cup acts as a safety 'anal stopper' which makes sure it won't go in too far.

It's made of phtalate-free soft rubber, because you don't want to put anything risky in there.

11 cm. You can do it.

Product details:

  • Length: 12,7 cm
  • Diameter: 4,1 cm
  • Insertable length: 11 cm.
  • Water-proof
  • No phtalates